Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I am not the creator of this blog, I'm a friend of hers. For now call me Red, I'm a bit creeped out due to what's been going on and I don't want to risk my real name getting out there and into the wrong hands.
I didn't know she had this blog, but her computer has her logged in and it's her only favourite link right now. Her computer is pretty bare for some reason.

I did have conversations with her about the odd events that had been occuring and I told her that it was nothing. Now I feel so damn guilty about nothing taking things more seriously. I feel like it my fault that she's run away. I only hope she has run away, but deep down I know something worse than that has happened. She had some video footage that she had labelled as being ready for youtube uploading. I'd say they should be ready, she didn't speak to me for two weeks after she went back to that fucking forrest to get more footage. I told her not too, whether I believed something was going on that couldn't be explained or not...she shouldn't of gone out there alone.

If you're there and you're reading this please get in contact with me, your parents or anyone for god sake. Please!

And if you who's done this to her are out there, I've seen the videos I know she wasn't lying. I'll find out who or what you are. I swear it.

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  1. Upload the video. Please.
    Perhaps then, someone can help.