Friday, 8 January 2010


Just got off the phone with Ms. Conroy. She seemed really nice and friendly and asked if I wanted to come into the office some day, whenever this damned weather clears up.
Anyway she started off by telling me "I've lived here all my life, despite never really knowing if I wanted too".

She then asked me to reinform her of the past events. I didn't tell her everything, though I did mention the marks on the wall and the reburning that happened. Her voice didn't faltered, didn't change and she didn't seem to be saying or thinking "wow this girl is a nutjob" but who knows what she was truly thinking.

She let me tell my story and then she said some peculiar things.
"You should count yourself lucky that that's all that's happened and to ensure nothing further occurs I highly suggest that you do not go back to those woods again. I also would stress you should not pursue any form of investigation. Forget about this, try to ignore whatever comes and it might just go away soon."

She told me then after some more words that I should meet her in person if I can and then reurged me not to go searching for more 'trouble'.
I don't know what to make of this, she knows something, perhaps these exact things have been happening to her!
How would she know that not doing anything would speed up the process of stopping the weirdness from continuing? Has this happened to her or someone else and their 'meddeling' resulted in worse inflictions or creepier things happening?
How can she tell me this, not tell me what exactly is going on and expect me to sit back?

I don't think I can let this lie, not without knowing something about it. I may be getting more information that I thought I would but it still doesn't explain anything. Maybe if I meet her it will....

idbecautious sent me another email last night but there was no spanish in it. Just
"Hello Rachel



  1. odd email again but at least it didnt need to be translated. it sounds like ms conroy may want to save the bigger details for a meeting in person. maybe she thinks the phones are tapped or calls to her office are recorded.

  2. how odd. And idbecautious just saying hello is as freaky as the nasty spanish wordss.

  3. Any coincidence that what Ms Conroy was telling you basically bolied down to "I'd be cautious"? Also, now you have made contact with her, idbecautious's email offers a greeting in plain language, with no need for translation. Could they be the same person?

    Did you receive the email before or after the phonecall?

  4. I agree with Marshall. Whether or not they're the same person, they may know each other/be in this together.

    Try to arrange a meeting in-person. Ms. Conroy may divulge more information this way.

  5. Hi, Been watching your blog for a bit. Before meeting with Ms. Conroy. I would do a little checking up on her. Is she really local? Has anyone you know met her or heard of her before? Just becareful and look before you leap.

  6. i agree you can probably look up names of your city council online or at the library, get a little background on them. are you in a small town? or big city?