Saturday, 2 January 2010


I'm going there to the woods with my camera.

Also people are sending me messages via email, suggesting I use twitter. I don't see why when this blog is serving the purpose I intended it to, well I intended it to be for fun but that all changed. I now use it to catalogue whatever the hell is going on and I've found out that there are people out there, commenters, emailers ect that don't think I'm crazy and have offered excellent advise.

There haven't been any dreams since the last one. But I've had this eerie feeling of being watched, now just when I'm out walking or through my window at night, but here on the internet. It's as if idbecautious or something more benevolent is aware of every keystroke.


  1. Well, since idbecautious's reply to your question of "Who are you?" was "darkness", you have a very good reason to be careful. And that might have contributed towards your weird feelings at night.

    If you can, try to use the "buddy system". Don't go out after dark by yourself. Keep safe!

  2. unless of course he's trying to warn her. cryptically yes, but it still seems like more of a warning than a threat to me, when you combine all the emails. but yes buddy system is still the way to go.

  3. When is Brian turning up at your place? Maybe b est to wait until a friend is with you before going back into the woods. especially after dark.