Thursday, 31 December 2009


What the last email from idbecautious said when I asked "who are you?"

The same hello and the at the bottom another spanish word.


I looked it up and it means 'darkness'

Given the name and that the only spanish part is the one word each time I'm going to assume this person is not spanish. Even if they were sending me one line after another of creepy words and suggestions just isn't normal.


  1. Based on the simple words they're sending, and not longer sentences, I would assume either they are trying to be cryptic, or they're translating one word at a time and know that doing so would not be a 'good' translation. You use certian words differently based on context, and the order is different as well. idbecautious probably knows this and is only sticking to simple words for that reason alone.

  2. if you put the 3 words hee's given you together he might be teling you something. fear the dark hand maybe? fear darkness? something like that.